Dr G.D.Pol Foundation Ayurveda Hospital

Dr G.D.Pol Foundation Ayurveda Hospital, Kharghar is being run by Dr. G.D.Pol Foundation.  The aim of the hospital is to serve the poor and needy and provide them the best possible medical treatment with 100% concession. Since its inception our Hospital has always provided many poor patients free medical treatment including surgeries, medicine and stay.

Our hospital admits indigent or weaker section patients coming from any source or through Government Hospitals, Municipal Hospitals, etc.

Our Hospital is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the provisions section 5 of the Bombay Nursing Home Registration Act 1949 (under rule 5). We are registered by Government of Maharashtra, Public Health Services, Civil Hospital Alibag- Raigad.
1.) Under this Scheme we reserve and allocate 10% of the total number of operational beds for indigent patients and provide medical treatment to the indigent patients free of cost and reserve 10% of the total number of operational beds at concessional rate to the weaker section patients as per the provisions of section 41AA of the B. P. T. Act.

2)Our hospital staff verifies the economic status of the patients from their Medical Social Worker on the basis of scrutiny of any one of the following documents produced by the concerned patients: Certificate from Tahasildar, (ii) Ration Card/Below Poverty Line Card.

3) In emergency, our Hospital admits the patient immediately and provides all the “Essential Medical Facilities” for all life saving emergency treatment and procedure till stabilization.

4)We have a separate fund called Indigent Patients’ Fund (for the sake of brevity, hereinafter referred to as “IPF”) and we credit two per cent of gross billing of all patients (other than indigent and weaker section patients) without any deduction.

5)Donations that are received by the charitable hospital from individuals or other charitable trusts or from any other source for providing medical treatment to the indigent and weaker section patients are credited to IPF Account.

6)The account of IPF shall is earmarked under the head of IPF and same is reflected under the earmarked fund in the annual balance Sheet (Schedule VIII Rules 7(1) of the B.P.T Rules).

7)The amount credited to the IPF Account remains at the disposal of our hospital and that amount is utilized only for providing medical treatment to the indigent and weaker section patients as provided herein after.

8)The Charitable Hospitals provides following non billable services free to the indigent patients as well as weaker section patients—

2)RMO Services
3)Nursing Care
4)Food (if provided by the hospital)
7)Electricity and
8)Routine Diagnostics as required for treatment of general specialties.
9)House Keeping Services.

9)In case of indigent patients, the Charitable Hospital provides medical examination and treatment in its each department totally free of cost. The indigent patient’s bill of billable services is prepared at the rates applicable to the lowest class of the respective hospital. The medicines, consumables and implants are charged at the purchase price to the hospital.

10)Our Charitable Hospital does not ask for any deposit in case of admission of indigent patients.

11)In case of weaker section patients, our Hospital provides medical examination and treatment in its each department at concessional rates. The weaker section patient’s bills of billable services are prepared at the rates applicable to the lowest class of the respective hospital.

12)The medicines, consumables and implants are charged at the purchase price to the hospital, however the weaker section patients pays at least 50% of the bills of medicines, consumables and implants.

13)If Doctors forego their charges, then the same is not included in the final bill of the weaker section patients. The bill so prepared after deducting the payment made by the weaker section patients is debited to IPF Account.

14)Our Hospital transfer 2% of the total patients’ billing (excluding the bill of indigent and weaker section patients) in each month to IPF Account. This amount in the IPF Account is spent to provide medical treatment to maximum number of indigent and weaker section patients.

15)In case of surplus or shortfall in the IPF Account of the month, the same is adjusted in the subsequent months. In case there is imbalance in the credit of the IPF Account and the expenditure incurred in the treatment of indigent and weaker section patients for more than six months, our hospital staff and our accountants notify our managing trust, which follow the appropriate procedures to update the balance.

16)We notify information to the office of the Charity Commissioner regarding the amount collected in the IPF Account, treatment provided to the indigent patients and the weaker section patients and their profiles prepared by the Medical Social Worker and the amount spent for the respective patients on a regular basis.

A small hospital of 4 beds in a rented room commenced in the year 1989 now grown up to 270 bedded hospital, which treats more than 1,00,000 outdoor patients and 50,000 indoor patients annually. To cater to this gigantic task the hospital is equipped with in house trained and qualified staff (Teaching as well as Post-graduate scholars) and visiting experts as honorary associates. The hospital has been successful in providing medical help to the “N” number of patients by conducting free medical camps in periphery and treating them at lower charges or even free for poor patients in our institutional hospital. It has become a notable Postgraduate training institute for several disciplines of Ayurveda with fellowships in Ksharsutra & Panchkarma.

Our Hospital Has The Following Out Door Patient Departments (O.P.D’ S)

  • Panchakarma
  • Kayachikitsa. (Medicine)
  • Swasthya OPD
  • Strirog Prasuti Tantra (Gynecology & Obstetrics)
  • Kaumarbhritya (Paediatrics)
  • Shalya Tantra. (Surgery)
  • Shalakya Tantra (E.N.T., Ophthalmology & Dental)

Following Essential Facilities Are Available In The Hospital.

  • Radiology department including X-Ray, Sonography, E.C.G. and Color Doppler
  • Pathology Laboratory
  • State – of – the – art Operation Theatres.
  • Physiotherapy Unit
  • Family Planning and Welfare Center
  • Mother & Child Welfare Center
  • A 7 bedded state of art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Ambulance Services
  • Round the clock treatment for the patients & nursing care
  • Ayurvedic & Modern Pharmaceutical Shop
  • 24 hours Emergency services
  • Y.M.T. AyurvedicMedical College &
    charitable  Hospital

    Total Oparetional Beds


    Information of Beds for Indigent

    Total No.of opretional beds reserved 




    Total no.of Beds Occupied



    Total No Of Beds available



    Information of Beds
    for  Weaker Section Patient

    Total No.of opretional beds reserved 



    Total no.of Beds Occupied



    Total No Of Beds available













1 Reception & Registration counter 475
2 Office of Medical Superintendent 155
3 Deputy Medical Superintendent 155
4 RMO Room 322
5 Store Room 600


6 Kayachikitsa 660
7 Shalya 444
8 Shalakya 899
9 Prasuti & Stree Roga 444
10 Bal Roga 444
11 Panchkarma 505
12 Emergency 300
13 Swastharakshan 444
14 Area of store room of Drugs 450
15 Dispensary 300
16 Clinical Pathology & Biochemistry Lab 1615
17 Radiology & Sonography 1220
18 Physiotherapy Unit 1490
19 IPD Block 23900
20 OT Block 2790
21 Panchakarma Therapy Room 4360


Recovery Room



We therefore request the public to stand by us in this Mission Charity and donate as per their wish so that maximum number of poor patients can be treated. The donations can be sent to
Dr. G.D.Pol Foundation Ayurveda College & Hospital, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai by cheque / DD drawn  in favor of YMT Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital-IPF Account payable at Khaghar.
For online payments – 2293, Abhudaya co-operative bank ltd. IFSC Code- IBHY0065042
Branch – Kharghar

Hospital Superintendent – Dr. Sanjiv Yadav
Mob= 9322456999
Date of Joining = 29/09/1994
Qualification = BAMS MD Shalyatantra
Registration = I-21082-A1
Date of Birth= 22/05/1962 Age = 58
Email = drsanjeevyada22@gmail.com

Deputy Superintendent – Dr. Yogita Thakare