Dr G.D.Pol Fondation has its own Pharmacy. In this pharmacy, there are total 10 No. of workers. About 230 No. of medicines are prepared regularly here. Postgraduate scholars conduct their practical work related to their dissertation in the pharmacy. Brief details regarding this Pharmacy are as follows. The Pharmacy has following sections –
  • Raw Material Storage : Most of the raw material used over here is purchased from tribal people. Our institution has given training of good collection practices to these people. Herbal drugs like Hirada, Behada, Aamla, Honey, etc. are purchased from them. In this way, we get authentic plants & they get employment. Raw material is first examined by experts then only it is used for further processing.This authenticated raw material is sorted out & stored in clean containers. As per requirement it is used in various formulations.
  • Grinder section : In this section, selected herbal raw material is powdered in the trade grinders. It is powdered as per requirement of powder size. For example; coarse powder is required for decoction, fine powder is required for ingestion, facial treatment, etc. This powdered material is made uniform using various mesh.
  • Sneha Kalpana (medicated oil & ghee) section : Here various medicated oils & ghees are prepared like Bala taila, Triphala ghrita, Bhringaraj taila, etc. Various decoctions are also prepared using gas burner, diesel burners and traditional chulha in this section.
  • Puta section : Here, Puta sanskara (Calcinations process) is done on various mineral drugs. Mineral drugs could not get assimilated in the body as it is. As per classical texts, after calcinations process i.e. after bhasmikaran, drug becomes safe, effective in small doses, gets better assimilated in the body. Heat or no. of putas are given as per stated in the classical texts. As a heat media, cow dung cakes are used. Different temperature is required for different minerals and metals. So different sized pits are prepared & heat is given as per the requirement.
  • Bhavana Section : In this section, wet Grinders are used for bhavana sanskara. Dry herbal or herbomineral powders are triturated with liquids like juice, milk, decoction, till the liquid is completely soaked in it. Number of bhavana is decided as per classical texts. Bhavana sanskara is also required in bhasma preparation. Many formulations like Arogyavardhini, Sootashekhara, Tribhuvanakirti, etc. require bhavana sanskara.
  • Tray dryer : After Bhavana Sanskara, processed material is dried in this tray dryer.
  • Tabletting / Capsule Section : Processed, dried material further undergoes granulation process. This process is done manually. Then tabletting of this granulated material is done as per the dose regimen (125 mg to 500 mg). Capsules are filled manually with capsule filling machine. At a time 200 capsules can be filled by this machine.
  • Avaleha Section : Avaleha is prepared in this section. Mainly Chyavanprash is prepared in this section. This machine is also used for preparing Shatavari kalpa, Gandharva haritaki, Shatadhouta ghrita, etc.
  • Asava Section : In this section, various Asava and Arishta are prepared. Natural fermentation process is specialized Ayurvedic pharmaceutical procedure. In this procedure, decoction or juice is added with jaggrey, honey, sugar, dhataki pushpa & kept in wooden containers. Due to fermentation natural alcohol is generated. This process is designed for better preservation of drugs, maintaining palatability of the drug.
  • Powder Section : All the required powders are stored in this section. As per requirements powders are used for preparing various formulations.
  • Packing Section : Finished products like tablets, capsules, medicated oils, ghee, bhasma, decoctions, etc. are packed as per requirement. These drugs are packed in user-friendly packing.
  • Finished Goods Storage : Finished, packed drugs are stored in this section. As per the order from Ayurved Rugnalaya – Sane Guruji Arogya Kendra, they are provided.
  • Administration section : Here, detailed documentation is done regarding purchase, manufacturing, packing and dispensing. Monthly reports are documented regarding purchase, processing, sale & the remaing stock.