Treasurer’s Message

About us | Treasurer’s Message
Yerala Medical trust is an Educational trust administrating since 24 years in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. At present, the trust is successfully running and managing three Medical Colleges with under Graduate & Post Graduate courses and their attached Hospitals, a Management College and a Nursing college at its own campus.
Students from all over Maharashtra come here to gain knowledge and become skilled doctors. Ayurveda College has been doing a wonderful job. Ayurved College and Hospital is very famous for all the Ayurveda treatments and their results. Patients from all over Maharashtra and other states with chronic diseases get relief from these treatments. Panchkarma and Ksharsutra departments are very significant departments. Our experience is that patients with chronic disorders come here and find solutions for their problems and go home with great satisfaction. Panchkarma department has developed “Ayushman” department. This department is provided with all the facilities, expert doctors guide the therapist to perform Panchkarma.
Our college organizes free Ayurveda camps, workshops on a regular basis through NSS and other activities. Ayurveda College organizes guest lectures, seminars, workshops to help the students develop their intelligence and over all personality.
Student who pursues education should not only learn but practice Ayurveda in their diet and lifestyle thus they should be able to set “Swastha” (Healthy Life) as an example in front of the society. My dream is that the students who educates here should have through knowledge of Ayurved.
I have been serving Yerala Medical trust as a loyal treasure since 24 years, in doing so I have made all the facilities available for the trust from time to time. Our Ayurveda College stands to be the number 1 college in the field of ayurveda medical and I am very proud of it.
I would also like to congratulate the dean and faculty members for contributing for the overall development of the students. I would also like to appreciate the doctors working in this esteemed hospital for their relentless work.