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Introduction :

Department of Panchakarma is one of the highly specialized and most important clinical Departments of Dr. G.D.Pol Foundation Ayurvedic College and hospital. Here we teach and train our 3rd professional of B.A.M.S. course students about the basics of Panchakarma and its application concepts in different diseases.
The approach of students is shaped towards various ancient Ayurveda procedures like, purification⁄detoxification, rejuvenation, cleansing and balancing human body. Moreover keraliya Panchakarma procedures like shirodhara, patra pinda and shali shashtika pinda swedana etc are taught as well. The knowledge of ancient principles of longevity of Ayurveda in regard to all diseases, their treatment with different Panchakarma procedures and do’s and don’ts for the patients is taught during their course.
The Department of Panchakarma is up to the mark to fulfill the teaching and training requirement our students. The Panchakarma department and Panchakarma procedure’s unit is fully equipped and is in good working condition. The facility of fully functional and hygienic Panchakarma therapy rooms and ward are available to manage all type of diseases.
The strict discipline and hygiene in the management of Panchakarma therapy room and its instruments are instructed to the students.



Special activities of the Department:

In Dr. G.D.Pol Foundation Ayurveda hospital, we have well equipped and maintained Panchakarma Department. Highly qualified consultant doctors consult the patients in our O.P.D. and access Prakriti Parikshan and their health problems thoroughly. All procedures are carried out by trained therapists under the guidance of our specialists. Average 50 patients undergo Panchakarma treatment daily. We treat patients of Arthritis, Cervical Spondylosis, Lumber Spondylosis, Hyperacidity, Paralysis, Different Skin diseases, Allergic rhinitis, tinnitus Different Types of Hair Problems, Infertility in Males and Females and other Gynecological problems, Asthma, Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure, and Cancer.
Panchakarma is a highly progressing branch as a lot of patients are achieving healthy status of life. Every year we are treating 15000 patients and performing 30000 Panchakarma procedures.
Apart from curing several obstinate and otherwise incurable diseases, these specialized therapies are capable of rejuvenating the body for preservation and promotion of Positive health and prevention of diseases.
We have prepared charts and models for easy theoretical understanding.
We have prepared charts and models for easy theoretical understanding.
The sparking feature of Ayurveda institute is “Ayushman” Panchakarma centre. Here we perform all type of Panchakarma procedures as per classical reference under the guidance of Panchakarma specialist and masseurs. Our masseurs are given special training to perform Panchakarma procedures in Keraliya style.
Many honorable guests such as dean of universities, Professors, different committee members, students have visited and appreciated Panchakarma department.

Aims and Objectives :

  • The main focus of our study is to make the students aware about the basic of all diseases.
  • We teach our students the applicability of Panchakarma in diseased condition and Rasayan for well being and long life.
  • Department is takes efforts to guide students to learn authentic Panchakarma Procedures in a Practical way.
  • We strive hard to treat chronic disorders by using Panchakarma Therapy
  • We follow and study the Standard Operating Procedures while conducting Panchkarama as per Samhita.
  • We are proactive in providing all the assistance for creating Educational Material related to Panchakarma e. g. VCD or DVD pattern.
  • To train the UG & PG students about panchkarma with Ayurveda  & modern concepts.
  • To prepare experts & specialists in PanchakarmaDEPARTMENTAL FACILITIES:
    No. of Ayurvedic & modern books available in Departmental Library – 77
    No.of Models  – 43
    No.of Charts  – 102
    No.of Specimens – 101
    Facility of e-books & internet
    Use of powerpoint presentations & OHP’s for teaching.

Special Activities :A)Seminar:-

  • Vd.V.J.Tiwari-A clinical study of Lekhan Basti in Obesity at Nagpur on 10-12 oct 2012
  • Vd.Kalpana.R.Dhomse-A clinical study of Panchtikta tail Matra Basti in Lumbar Spondylosis at Nagpur on 10-12 oct 2012
  • Vd.Tanuja S.Gaikwad:-Nasya Karmukatva  on 25/07/2012
  • Vd. Tanuja S.Gaikwad:-A Clinical Study of Lekhan Basti with Medohar Guggulu in Obesity at Atara,Banda,U.P. on 16-17th March,2013
  • Vd.V.J.Tiwari:- A Clinical Study of Panchkola Kshara Basti & Panchkola Ghana Vati in Amvata at Atara,Banda,U.P. on 16-17th March,2013.
  • Vd.V.J.Tiwari:- A Clinical Study of Panchkola Kshara Basti & Panchkola Ghana Vati in Amvata  on 16-17th Sept.2013 at Hyderabad.
  • Vd. Tanuja S.Gaikwad:-A Clinical Study of Lekhan Basti with Medohar Guggulu in Obesity  on16-17th Sept.2013 at Hyderabad.
  • Vd.Kalpana.R.Dhomse-A clinical study of Panchtikta tail Matra Basti in Lumbar Spondylosis  at Haridwar on 18-20 oct 2013.
  • Vd.Amit A.Chavan-Clinical evaluation of Punarnava Guggul ,Dashmool ghrut & kottamchukadi Tail Abhayanga in OA at Haridwar on 18-20 oct 2013.

    B) Workshop:-

    1. Vd.V.J.Tiwari:-Education of Sex & parenthood on 1& 2 nov 2001
    2. Vd.V.J.Tiwari:-Medical Education Technology on 5th April 2005
    3. Vd.V.J.Tiwari:-Basic workshop in Research Methodology26/03/2012 to28/03/2012
    4. Vd.Tanuja .S.Gaikwad:- Basic workshop in Research Methodology26/03/2012 to28/03/2012
    5. Vd.Kalpana.R.Dhomse:-Basic workshop in Health Sciences Education Technology held from 23/08/2011 to25/08/2011 Vd.Tanuja .S.Gaikwad:-on Yoga at Pethvadagaon Medical college (Kolhapur) 2004.


  1. Vd.V.J.Tiwari:-  Rotp organiged by R.A.podar Hospital,Worli on 3rd May to 29th may1999

H) Publications:-

  1. Vd.Tanuja .S.Gaikwad:-a) Article on ABHYANGA in NIMA

c) Nasya Karmokatva according to Ayurveda & Modern Science in NIMA  d) Sneha hi Jeevan ka Saar Hai in NIMA    e) A Clinical Study of Lekhan Basti with Medohar Guggulu in     Obesity in  Scintific journal of Panchkarma dated oct-dec2013   f) Sneha hi Jeevan ka Saar Hai  in Maha sammelan Nov 2013    g)Kaumarya awastha-Panchkarma,yog chikitsa Mahatva in Mahila Andolan Patrika in Nov 2013    h) “Ghridarasi me shashtishali pindasweda,patrapottali sweda adhunik evam ayurvedic drushtikon se karmokatva” in NIMA JAN-2014

Teaching Faculties:
Sr.No Name of Faculty Designation Qualification
1 Vd. V.J. Tiwari Professor & HOD M. D. (Kayachikitsa)


Vd. Dhomse Kalpana Rangnath Reader M. D. (Panchakarma)
4 Vd. Chavan Amit Lecturer M. D. (Panchakarma)


Vd. Hitendra Bhadane Lecturer M. D. (Panchakarma)